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Tulsa OCR/NINJA Training

Conquer Fitness is the first and only training center in Tulsa to offer obstacle course training, as well as traditional weight training.

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How to Train for CTG

Click to Download our simple guide to prepare to Conquer The Gauntlet.


Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing

Strength & Speed's Guide to Elite Obstacle Course Racing is a comprehensive resource for the competitive OCR athlete. The book covers race preparation, training, off season training, rest, recovery, nutrition, supplementation, techniques for maintaining motivation, and yearly scheduling, and other pertinent information.


Yancy Camp

Yancy Camp is offering a free month to anyone who has signed up for Conquer the Gauntlet.

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Learn From the Pros

Our CTG Pro Team has put together a series of videos containing training tips that will help you improve your game.

What to Wear

We recommend athletic clothing that you don’t mind getting really dirty. Fitted clothing helps you avoiding getting caught on things and weighed down with water. Members of our Pro Team like tight fitting clothes specifically designed to drain and wick water away quickly, and socks that can provide some protection from the course. Brands they use are MudGear  and Bondi Band.

Makes tough sports apparel for outdoor warriors. Their socks are built strong for obstacle racing, mud runs, and extreme outdoor events.

Bondi Band
Makes functional headbands that do not slip. The wicking material is perfect to keep hair and water our of your face while competing.

You can get any of this gear on race day so you are 100% prepared to conquer!

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