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Team Challenge Info

Team Challenge

2018 team events – OKC 6/24 and Tulsa 8/26

Conquer The Gauntlet Team Challenge is 5 miles and 25 + obstacles to complete with your team of 4 members. A twist on some existing obstacles and new obstacles designed specifically for your team to completely together! You will complete the entire course as a team and many obstacles will require teams to work together. There will be a competitive and open wave for each team challenge.

Competitive And Open Waves

To compete “COMPETITIVE” 3 of your 4 team members must compete and finish the Saturday individual CTG race the day before. Each team must have at least one male and one female member. All team members must complete ALL obstacles during the Sunday team challenge EXCEPT Stairway, Pegatron, and Tarzan Swing. Those 3 obstacles must only be completed TWICE. This can be one member completing it twice or two members completing it once each.

To run in the “OPEN” wave you do not have to have run the event the day before nor are you required to have one male and one female on your team. You can have a team of ALL women or a team of ALL men if you choose. If you are in this wave you are not racing for prize money and you are not required to complete obstacles before moving on.

Each registration is for one team. You will need to have all 4 of your members information when registering.

The “competitive wave” begins 9:00 a.m. You must bring a valid photo ID and a signed waiver. Waves will consist of 20 teams. If there are more than 20 teams wishing to run competitive we will open a second “competitive wave” at 9:30AM. The first teams to sign up will be placed in the first wave. All “competitive” start times will be eligible to win.

The “open wave” will begin at 10:00AM You must bring a valid photo ID and a signed waiver.

What’s Included

ALL participants receive a team challenge finisher shirt, a team challenge finisher band, a CTG water bottle, and get to compete in an awesome CTG team event.


$420 – starting price

$460 – 30 days from event date (5/26 & 7/28)

$500 – 15 days from event date (6/10 & 8/12)

*Elite wave is an additional $60 throughout registration*


1st place – $1,000
2nd place – $750
3rd place – $500

Additional Info

$10 Parking
FREE Spectating

There is a $5 fee to change a team member. Please complete the runner transfer form found on the CTG FAQ page to do this. Once online registration closes all transfers must be done on race day and the fee will be $10. Please read all rules and information found on the Conquer The Gauntlet Race Day page of the website. There will be no refunds.

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